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Marlin-Ballard 32-40 Bull Target

Marlin-Ballard 32-40 Bull Target In process Rebuild action-convert to center fire Fit barrel provided - Mount Redfield 3200 scope - Manufacture target forend Case prep began with preliminary file and stone work

Swift River Custom 1894 in .30WCF

Swift River Custom 1894 in .30WCF Action rebuilt-straight octagon machine from 1.125 blank Stocked extra fancy Excellent shooter Assisted by:  Domingos Joaquim - Engraver - Russell, MA.

Early Winchester 1894 cal. 30WCF

Early Winchester 1894 cal. 30WCF. Received badly machine polished - all lines seriously rounded, finger lever collapsed, upper tang broken, buttstock and forend over-sanded beyond repair. Repair tang and finger lever, restore all surfaced and lines, restore all...

Remington Rolling Block in .45-90

Remington Rolling Block in .45-90 Swift River Built on .43 Egyptian. McGowen premium target grade barrel-1 in 22 Supreme re-stock Hamer and block modified for 2.4" case Vernier sight - Globe front Built for T.Whitney of Warren, MA. Consistent winner - very accurate...

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