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The cost of labor has risen dramatically over the past ten years. A complete restock can be prohibitively expensive. Costs can easily far exceed the market value of the work.

This is especially true with older double guns; box lock and side lock; as well as over/under guns such as the Winchester 101 or the Browning Superposed. Cost to restock these guns can approach, or exceed $1500.00-$2000.00. A proper repair often costs less than 1/3 of the cost of a restock!

We have enjoyed great success in gun stock repair. Our repairs are structurally solid, esthetically proper and affordable.

Many times we have returned to service firearms which the owners believed to be unrepairable.


Quality gunstock refinishing requires attention to detail. We guarantee perfect bedding, no over sanding, clean and tight fitting of buttplates, recoil pads and grip caps.

We can provide a utility finish, in oil, with minimum fill, to satin oil with 100% fill. High gloss or subdued Urethane is not a problem.

Swift River Gunsmith & Gun Repair: Gunstock Repair
Checkering (repoint or new, simple or complex, 16 to 24 LPI) is also a service we provide.


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