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Many gunowners are not aware of the detailed service their firearms require. The fact of the matter is that firearms, properly maintained,rarely wear out.The guns you rely upon today can and should be available to your grandchildren to enjoy. Even firearms that see constant use, and thousands of rounds; such as; Skeet , Trap, And Sporting Clay guns. ;Autoloading Target Pistols;or .22 rifles that have been in the family for years ; can give several lifetimes of service.

The key to long life is Detailed Periodic Maintenance. Each gun requires an examination beyond simple field strip and clean. Bolt action, pump action, lever action rifles, double barrel, over and under, pump shotguns and all types of revolvers should be serviced every 5 years. All autoloaders should be serviced every 2 years.

Broken or damaged components, weak springs, rounded sears or fouling packed into areas not readily visible can and will cause failure.

If you have ever experienced failure to function at a critical moment; you know how it feels to be a very unhappy camper.


Gunstock Repair and Refinishing
Metal Refinishing (Gun bluing)